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March 5, 2017 / no comments, on Pokemon


The PokeMon Go Plus Bracelet is an accessory which costs $35 and connects the various devices version of Pokemon Go via Bluetooth. The main component of the bracelet is a teardrop-shaped hunk of plastic which have an opaque button at the center and gives many color feedbacks based on the response initiated by the actual game. Generally, the accessory produces light whenever a Pokemon or Poke Stops are close.

The device used Bluetooth to connect to your phone and makes you connected to your game even when you cannot physically operate your phone.

The accessory is packed with a clip on the back which allows you to attach it to a belt, backpack strap or a collar. At the same time, it can be popped into the provided lanyard bracelet and attached to the hand. You are required to untighten the screw on the back of the gadget with a teensy screwdriver, take away the clip and expose the battery after which you will then fasten it to the bracelet case.

While the tools and screws for this process are packaged with the gadget, it implies that the device was made to be worn in different ways. Attaching it to the belt and other body accessories as well as using it as a bracelet are both viable options.

The bracelet option has been observed to be more comfortable and convenient to carry about. Yet many people may prefer to hide it in order not to draw the attention of people. The teardrop has the ability to vibrate intensely at a rate that is easily noticed. All you need is to check the gadget for the displayed color in order to ascertain what the notification is all about. The color and meaning of the colors are:

  1. Green – indicating that you are close to a Pokemon you have caught previously
  2. Yellow – indicating that you are close to a new Pokemon
  3. Blue- Indicating that you are close to a Poke Stop



If the gadget vibrates and display a Blue light notification which means that you are near a Poke Stop, press the button and voila. On pressing this, a package of Poke balls, miscellany and potions are added to your inventory. This is only possible if your inventory is yet to be filled up and you are still within the range of the PokeStop. If the process is successful, you the gadget will flash a rainbow color. Otherwise, the device will flash a red color if the process is not successful.

The same procedure applies for catching Pokemons, yet, there are few differences. The gadget vibrates and display lights when you are close to a Pokemon but you may not be able to ascertain the type or level of Pokemon it is. At the same time, there is no way to switch the type of Pokeball to throw, whether an Ultra Ball or raspberries. In this case, you will have to take out your phone.

At the same time, if you are using the Pokemon Go Plus gadget to catch Pokemons, you firstly need to identify the type of light indicated by your gadget to ascertain if the Pokemon in view is new or an already-caught one. Then, press the middle button to catch the Pokemon. If the process is successful, the gadget will vibrate three times and display a violet light. On the other hand, if the process is not successful, a red light is observed.

You should also be aware that you have only one opportunity of using the Pokemon Go Plus to catch each creature after which they run away if the attempt is not successful.

Many people find it very hard and difficult to use the Pokemon Go Plus gadget as a bracelet as they don’t want to be easily known as a Pokemon player. Yet, attaching it to your belt or any other concealed locations of the body will mean that you will need to check under your cloths each time the gadget vibrates or lights up.

Since the gadget will vibrate, it is not advisable to attach it very close to your inner body, like the stomach or private Parts. This is why it is advantageous to use the Pokemon Go Plus devices as a bracelet.

Likewise, Pokemon go is not a replacement for the game on your phone. Yet, it is good for the purpose of hitting Poke Stops and catching Pokemons, Rattatas, Spearows and Pidgeys. It offers more advantage to those who will be busy during the workdays to easily catch them all while engaging in other the activities.

POKEMON GO PLUS BRACELET – DO I NEED THIS THING? yes you do for more easy pokemon catching!